What is a T3MT?

T3MTs are designed for the advanced student engaging in live-fire training exercises. The rounds cause an unexpected Type 3 Malfunction to occur so the shooter can rehearse Immediate Action drills for clearing the pistol and getting back in the fight. The T3MT Dummy Round causes the student to train under the pressure created by realistic conditions. As a result, the student becomes far better prepared for when the malfunction occurs during a real gunfight.

How do you use T3MTs?

Simply insert the T3MT Dummy Round somewhere in the magazine and leaving enough room for at least 2-3 live rounds on top.

Type 1 Malfunction: Failure to Fire.

Type 2 Malfunction: Failure to Eject.

Type 3 Malfunction: Failure to extract, Double Feed.

In the case of any stoppage of fire, the student performs Immediate Action as described below:

Immediate Action for Pistols:

1. Tap, Rack, and Roll (Type 1 and 2 Malfunctions).  When that fails,

2. Lock the slide to the rear, Rip the magazine from the magazine well, Run the action 3 times, New magazine inserted, Run the action, “Back in the Fight.”

Immediate Action for Carbines:

1. Stoppage of Fire: Slap-Pull-Observe-Release-Tap-Shoot (SPORTS).  If that doesn’t clear it,

2. Jam: Lock the bolt carrier to the rear, Strip the magazine from the magazine well, Run the action three times, New Magazine inserted, Bolt carrier forward, “Back in the Fight.”

Who should use T3MTs?

Only advanced students should attempt to use these training devices.

How Durable are T3MTs?

Milled out of the strongest grade of aluminum, these trainers are extremely durable and should last a lifetime.