What is a T3MT?

T3MT Dummy Rounds are training devices designed with the advanced firearms student in mind. T3MTs force the student to deal with Type 3 Malfunctions (Jams) under realistic conditions while engaging in a course of fire. Until now, Type 3 malfunctions had to be carefully set up, causing students to know exactly when they would happen and unable to shoot a course of fire until the jam was cleared.  Because of this, students couldn’t actually train to clear a Type 3 Malfunction when they happened unexpectedly as they do in real life.  The T3MT Dummy Round causes an unexpected and unanticipated Type 3 Malfunction to occur, thus improving the skills of the student in performing Immediate Action, followed by the correct clearing process for the jam.

To use, simply insert the T3MT Dummy Round into the stack of live rounds in the magazine, not first or last, and leaving enough room for 2-3 rounds on top of the dummy round.  Engage in a course of fire and, when a malfunction occurs, use the correct technique to clear the malfunction and get “back in the fight.”

Only advanced students should attempt to utilize these training devices. The T3MT Dummy Rounds are designed to cause a Type 3 Malfunction in your firearm. If your firearm jams during a course of fire, the dummy round is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.  Milled out of the strongest grade of aluminum, these dummy rounds are extremely durable and should last a lifetime.